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B WAT 10 Multipurpose

  • Suitable for low & medium pressure boiler
  • Acts as softening agent, alkalinity builder, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner.

B WAT 20 Alkalinity Builder & PH Booster

  • Increases the alkalinity & PH in boiler feed water and drum water
  • Minimizes the corrosion by maintaining the sulphate residual.

B WAT 30 Oxygen Scavenger

  • Formulated to prevent corrosion due to dissolved oxygen present in water
  • Effectively works to remove dissolved gases in the absence of de- aerator

B WAT 40 scale inhibitor & sludge conditioner

  • Prevents formation of sludge in the boiler water lines
  • Prevents high hardness scale deposit

B WAT 50 condensate return corrosion inhibitor

  • Powerful non- corrosive agent used in return condensate water
  • Forms filming amine on the boiler lines thereby controlling corrosion.
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