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E-WAT B (PH Booster)

  • Works as alkaliser water softening agent
  • Stabilizes the pH to the desired level

E- WAT D (Decolourant )

  • Effective effluent decolourant
  • Does not affect the other water parameters in the waste water management
  • Widely used in textile industries, pharma industries etc. to remove colours discharged into the ETP tanks
  • Does not affect the environment & biodegradability during the entire process of waste water management

E-WAT C (Coagulant)

  • Used as a coagulant in effluent treatment process for solid removal , water clarification & sludge thickening
  • Specially formulated
  • Cost effective
  • biodegradable

E WAT F Flocculant

  • Seperates sludges & other contaminants from water
  • Enhances the filtration process


  • Effectively prevents the growth of microbes such as a bacterial, algae, fungi etc.
  • Controls the odour
  • Increase the water clarity
  • Increase the chlorine level
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