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  • Removes oil and contaminants from all kitchen utensils
  • Perfumed liquid detergent
  • Dilutes freely with water
  • Harmless and biodegradable
  • Give streak free wash

Dilution – 50ml in 1 Ltr of water

  • Economical and Eco friendly
  • Available in Lime, Green Apple, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Lavender and Orchid fragrances


  • Free from ammonia and other harmful ingredients
  • Non- soapy
  • Quick drying
  • Provides a clear vision
  • Recommended to clean glass, computer cabinet, TV panel, Fridge, Washing m/c etc.


  • Cleaning Compound
  • Removes dirt, oil, carbon and impurities
  • Promotes healthy hands


  • Instantly removes oil, dirt, soot etc. Easy to clean, does not affect the base metal
  • Can be used on metal surface & tiles etc
  • Recommended to clean kitchen hood, SS stoves, exhaust fan etc
  • Harmless and biodegradable etc

S6 MARBLE & GRANITE CLEANER CUM POLISH Dilution – 200ml in 1 Ltr of water

  • Used to cleans and polish floor such as granite, glazed tiles, marbles etc
  • Removes dirt and leaves the surface polished
  • Economical and bio- degradable.

S7 STAINLESS STEEL BRIGHNER dilution -200ml in 1 Ltr of water

  • Recommended to clean stainless steel equipments such as taps & bathroom fittings, door hingers & handles, hand railings etc
  • Quickly removes water marks, rust, oil, dirt etc
  • Gives natural shine
  • Surfactant based
  • Economical and biodegradable

S8- HARD SCALE TILES CLEANER dilution - 200ml in 1 Ltr of water

  • Removes hard scales and water bound contaminants
  • Effective Tiles Cleaner
  • Recommended in hospitals, hotels, labs, food & beverages, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, club, malls, hatcheries, prawn culture and veterinary clinics.
  • Not recommended for marble and granites


  • Quickly removes water contaminants, stains, dirt, lime build –up
  • Can be used to wash basin, urinals and commodes
  • Controls foul smell
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance

S10 UPHOLSTERY CLEANER dilution - 500ml in 1 Ltr of water

  • Mild foaming, instant cleaner
  • Cleans leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric parts etc
  • Removes dirt, oil, and other contaminants
  • Retains original surface

T-SCALE Tile Scale Remover dilution ratio 1:5

  • Remove mild scale and contaminants from the tiles
  • Removes scales easily without heavy scrubbing
  • Does not affect the surface of the floor
  • Use T-Scale in concentrated form for optimum results
  • Recommended for floor such as granite, marble, vertified tiles.

KNOCK OUT Drain Block Remover

  • Does not corrode the pipes
  • Safe on plastic, PVC& metal pipes.
  • Does not cause septic tank problems
  • Contains no phosphorus or volatile ingredients

G-SCALE Glass Scale Remover

  • Excellent scale remover for glasses and acrylic sheets
  • Easily removes water borne scale marks and contaminants by spraying and wiping
  • Does not affect the Glass/ Acrylic sheets

GREEN Toilet Cleaner

  • A complete solution to your rest room
  • Easily removes tough stains
  • Can be used to clean bathroom tiles and fittings
  • Eco friendly & Bio–degradable
  • Kills 99.9% germ

MOVA Glass and Household Cleaner

Mova is a unique ammonia free & less froth formula recommended to clean surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, laminate etc.

PUNCH Room Freshener ( Available in Lime ,orchid,Lavender ,Strawberry , Green apple fragrances )

  • Eliminates odours and freshens air. Does not contain alcohol or any irritating substances.
  • Used as an air freshens either by spraying or by floor mopping
  • Economical in use when compared to aerosol base air freshener
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