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AUTO POWERHeavy Duty Car Cleaner & Degreaser Dilution ratio 1.100

  • Used to clean heavily contaminated vehicles, engines, flooring etc
  • Safe to use on painted surfaces
  • Economical and bio – degradable
  • Does not affect rubber or synthetic materials

TYRE TONIC PLUS Tyre Polish (Ready to Use)

  • Prevents direct impact of UV rays on the tyre
  • Enhances the life of tyre
  • Prevents cracking and bleeding of carbon from the tyre
  • Provides aesthetic appearance

Pride Dash Board Polish (Ready to Use)

  • Quick drying dash board polish
  • Restores natural texture of the dash board
  • Gives a pleasant fragrance
  • Can be used for side trims, crash guard, door handles etc
  • Dash Board Polish

ELITE Interior Cleaning Liquid Dilution ratio1:5

  • Non- soapy, quick drying cleaner
  • Helps to clean leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric parts etc
  • Removes dirt, oil and other contaminants instantly
  • Retains original surface

CANDID Glass Cleaner Dilution ratio1:10

  • Free from ammonia and other harmful ingredients
  • Non- soapy
  • Quick drying
  • Provides a clear vision

FLASH Rust Release Agent & Lubricant (Ready to Use)

  • Release agent for jammed and rusted parts
  • Used for parts like nuts & bolts, hinges, valve etc.,
  • Prevents wear and tear of the threads / machined surface
  • Free form CFC, TCE and other hazardous ingredients

CORE CLEAN Radiator Cleaner (Aluminium Tubes) Dilution ratio1:10

  • Removes the water contaminants in the radiator
  • Improves circulating efficiency
  • Maintains engine temperature at optimum level
  • Special additives does not affect base metal, rubber or synthetic materials

GLITTER Car Polish (Ready to Use)

  • Quick drying and non – waxy polish
  • Keeps the painted surface shining and free from dirt
  • Acts as an anti- corrosive agent
  • Provides a GLITTER appearance

INTEX 3 in 1 for Tyre, Dash Board & Engine Cabinet polish Conditioner Dilution ratio1:10

  • 3 in 1 for Tyre, Dash Board & Engine Cabinet polish Conditioner instantly removes water particles from electrical & electronic point in the engine
  • Conditions rubber hose, wires, cables, plastics etc from wear and tear
  • Non-Flammable, Provides original appearance.

CHASE Rat Tapellent for Engine Cabinet Ready to use

  • Water base rodent repellent fortified with strong natural scent and ingredients that acts as effective deterrent against rodent attack on car engine bays, wires, rubber etc
  • Leaves coating on the surface which prevents rodent menace
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