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C WAT 100 Broad Spectrum Biocide

  • Broad spectrum anti microbial prevents growth of microbes such as bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa in the system.
  • Prevents the growth of legionella bacteria and the risk of legionnaires disease
  • Enhances water flow distribution within the cooling tower system

C WAT 110 Anti Scalant & Anti Foulant

  • Effectively prevents scale formation in the cooling tower system
  • Specially formulated to reduce problems of fouling due to process contamination or sediment in the incoming water from cooling tower.
  • Promotes free flow of water & cooling thereby preventing growth of dangerous bacteria (Legionella)

C WAT 120 All organic corrosion and scale inhibitor

  • Dual speciality product acts as scale & corrosion inhibitor in the water circulating system
  • Effectively works on high hardness, PH & alkalinity

C WAT 130 Dispersant / Anti – Scalant

  • Excellent in putting off microbiologically induced corrosion
  • Compatible with other chemicals and all metallurgy
  • Effective against wide range of scalants including calcium & magnesium salts, iron oxide and silica

C WAT 140 Sequestrant & Corrosion inhibitor

  • Organics based sequestrant and corrosion inhibitors suitable for industrial and air conditioning cooling towers
  • Effectively prevents formation of carbonates and bicarbonates scales.
  • Suitable for acid-modified or non- acid cooling water treatment programme.

C WAT 150 Scale and Corrosion inhibitor for closed cooling system

  • Compatible to metallurgy used in compressors, engine, chiller and cooling systems
  • Protects metal suffering from serious corrosion damage due to oxygen pitting, galvanic action and crevice attack
  • Works efficiently to inhibit scale / corrosion in high temperature gadgets process lines.

C WAT 160 Oil / Sludge dispersant

  • Special additives keep the suspended foulants in motion coming from the circulating water

C WAT 170 Anti- Foaming agent

  • Controls foam formation in the re-circulating water which affects the atmosphere
  • Acts as a corrosion inhibitor effect in ETP/STP

C WAT 180 Special corrosion inhibitor

  • Effective in controlling under deposit corrosion due to silt organic compounds present in water
  • Minimizes pitting corrosion in the water circulation line.

SUGANJ CWAT 200 pH Stabilizer

  • Effective Ph reducer for evaporative cooling tower
  • Reduces the range of high ph in the cooling tower to a preferred range of 7.5-8.5
  • Cost of effective
  • Bring down the total alkalinity level thereby controlling the scale formations
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